Naruto full episodes

naruto full episodes

Self promotion: I dont hate Naruto! xD. PLEASE FULL VIEW Thought I'd draw Naruto.. Dono why xD Well, I do actually like Naruto, when it's not all fillers.. And the two or three first episodes of Shippuden was awesome, then it was back to the boring Naruto again. Oh well. I dont know if he has some even. The Link's are at the bottom of this video they include English & Japness Dubbed Episodes ALSO XD (Talken about he discruption. Also this fight was really brutal surprised i won the fight! I have been watching the orginal naurto a lot the one when hes a kid ^_^. YouTube™-video: Visningar: 0. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Full Episodes. 1,6t gillar. Film. naruto full episodes

Naruto full episodes Video

Naruto Shippuden 013 A Meeting With Destiny

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